10 Months!


10 Months


Couldn’t decide so here’s another! He would not sit still!!!

MAVERIK is almost 1!!! He is the best little boy 🙂

I havent weighed or measured him but it appears he has grown a little bit since his size 12 month pants are fitting him better. Of course he is still skinny! He eats whatever he wants and doesn’t seem to gain a pound. Mav, can we PLEASE trade!!

Mav should be walking soon, he stands any chance he gets and likes his walkers now. He also is a little more daring with his movements- before he would scope out where he wanted to walk/hold onto and now he just wings it! Dare dog!


walking with da-da!

New hobbies include hanging out in front of the fridge when its open. He will grab anything he can and shake it or throw it on the ground. Maverik has also discovered that there’s water in the toilet… I’ve caught him a few times putting his little fingers in the water. Yuckkk! We will be investing in those toilet clip things!!

We are down to two naps most days and 3 bottles most of the time! Very exciting!!! 😀 He goes to bed a little later now, usually between 7:45PM-8:00PM and wakes up around 6:30AM. It works out very nicely, except now when its time for bed he gets mad when I hold him in the lazy boy chair because he knows what I’m about to do! Ha-ha!

Maverik eats anything really, if he doesn’t like it he sticks out his tongue with the food on it. It’s so funny and cute!!! His favorites are cheese, strawberries, english muffins toasted with butter, anything sweet, yogurt, and scrambled eggs. He also enjoys emptying the dog bowls! We don’t use the spoons that much anymore because he just does this….


It’s so funny!

Maverik enjoyed his first Christmas and was overwhelmed with TOYS and PAPER everywhere! He loved it! Grandma Kristi and Uncle Bert came down and visited too!


Christmas Morning

Mav is definitely……. equally a mama’s boy and dada’s boy 😉 He LOVES with nathaniel gets home and is so happy and excited. He just wants to be with him 🙂 He enjoys his ma-ma time but gets mad after too much shopping running errands. 



We had a nice little weekend in California and got to spend some time with Uncle G and Aunt Kiki. Maverik had some alone time as you can see 😉


Little Stud!

Maveriks social calendar for February is hectic but he’s very excited for everything especially Valentines Day! Maybe he will ask you to be his girlfriend 😉


xx, richelle


9 Months


9 Months! (he threw the bunny)

Umm… where has the year gone?! This time last year I looked like a little Santa Clause with my belly..ha, and now we are getting to play the real Santa Clause role for this wild boy. Minus the belly, ok people!! 😉

I apologize for skipping the 8 month post, the only time I have to write this blog is usually after Mav has gone to bed, but these days I spend that time putting away pots, pans, and tupper-ware!

Maverik is still very tall for his age, standing proudly at 30 inches. He is half my size, no joke! Mav is lean but strong, and weighs 20.2 pounds and has 6 teeth! He currently wears size 12 month clothing; we now shop at the big kid area of the Carters Store. I’m not sad about that or anything… tear.


I wasn’t kidding, he will probably be my size when he’s 4!

They’re sharper then they look!

Where to begin, honestly… crawling totally changed Maverik. He crawls very fast and gets into everything! One morning he was playing with some dog poo squishing it in his little hands…. that’s been the worst of it so far. It was a little funny until you got closer and got a nice whiff! Dont worry,  I double check the floor every morning now. We  Nathaniel baby proofed the kitchen so that should eliminate us having to say “no,” 800 times a day. Maverik also seems to think the doggy door is for him to use. He is very interested in it and will put his head through it.

Here is a little collage of Mav.. not sure if it will work: http://instagram.com/p/g4inDrzgbz/ 

Maverik will eat almost anything {allowed at this age of course} and if he sees you eating he expects a sample. He is a very good eater, I don’ think we will have any problems with food. He drinks less formula now which is nice… only 3 more months and we’re done with it. He really enjoys drinking out of a water bottle, but no juice. He doesn’t care for it… just like mama!

Mavy has his own cute, fun personality but he has a serious side as well. When this seriousness comes out, you can say or do anything and he will just stare at you like you have 7 heads. Or maybe we just look THAT dumb ha-ha. His newest thing is crawling around the chair and climbing up it and once he sees your face he will laugh. You don’t even have to say, “boo!” He just thinks its the best thing.


Mav’s chair game!

We had a very nice Thanksgiving trip and went to Beaver Creek, Colorado. Maverik got to touch some snow… he wasn’t a fan as you can see in the photo below. He also got to spend time with Gramma Kristi and Auntie Da!


First time touching snow


Horsin’ around.. ha

Mav is just a very nice sweet, crazy boy and we are obsessed with him! He is just too cute and loves to giggle with you! He’s starting to get cuddly and lay his head down when you hold him. LOVE!


Helping mama wrap gifts

Mav understands a lot of phrases/words now- no, want more, do you want some, water, percy, louis, are you hungry, want this… just to name a some. The only one he ignores is “no,” of course! He’ll even smile after you say no and proceed with what ever he shouldn’t be doing…

Merry Christmas everyone! Mav is excited to open his presents! We visited Santa yesterday, Mav was just a little upset which I’m sure most of you have see on Facebook.

We are looking forward to New Years Eve and planning Mav’s first birthday!!! As always, thank you for reading!



7 Months


7 Months!

Happy 7 Months Mav!! Each day he gets more and more personality and a little more chub in his cheeks 🙂 He is almost 1 years old!! I can’t wait to officially start planning his party 😀

Mav is currently the size of most one year olds! He weighs 18 pounds and is 28 inches tall! His 6 month sized clothes are tight and too short for his long legs. He prefers his 9 month size outfits 🙂 He also likes wearing comfy t-shirts and sweatpants…just like dada.

image copy 5

Best Friends

We took Mav to Bonnie Springs last week, they have a mini zoo. Maverik was in awe and looked at everything. The only thing he didnt like was when the Roosters made their call. He almost cried!


Bonnie Springs

Maverik is a good eater and can eat chicken (doesn’t love) and lots of pureed items. If he doesn’t like something he will nod his head saying ‘no,’ and keep his mouth shut. He still loves pickles, bread, anything sweet, water, and his bottles. He understands “more,” “water,” “you wanna get up,” “you want a ba-ba,” and of course “jump.” He also loves water bottles and tries to take them from you and drink them.


Nap time is usually two a day, sometimes three…just depends on his mood. Bath time has been moved to 6:30PM-7PM depending on what we’re doing. Im loving the new 8PM bedtime– he’s usually out by 8:20PM.


New Hat!

He had his first professional photo shoot marking his 6 month birthday! He was more interested in looking at everything in the park but the camera. He came out super cute manly and handsome though 🙂

6 Months


Hat just like Dada!


Big boy!

New things this month are lifting his arms meaning ‘pick me up!’ If you talk to him and he doesn’t want to talk to you is being shy, he will bury his face into me so he cant see you. It is so cute and funny! He is starting to crawl…very early early stages of crawling.  He gets frustrated easily if he can’t move from his stomach and will cry until you grab him.  Definitely already displaying his level of patience, or lack there of. Just like Nathaniel!!! 😉 Mav also tries to pick himself up in his crib. Time to lower his mattress!

“ill get you remote!”

Mav is very excited for Halloween and can’t wait to show off his costume his nana made him! He says he doesn’t want to trick-or-treat, just go to some parties 😉

Still only says ma-ma occasionally…. we’re working on saying “da-da,” and clapping! He likes it but won’t try it on his own.


LOVES his cousin Audrey!

Mav went to Peytons 1st Birthday Party…all I can say is he is a FLIRT! He tried to make-out with her…


Baby Flirting


Watching da-da play softball! It’s getting cold out!

Showing off his big-boy outfit! Mav has lots of interest in electronics!! Phones, laptops, etc. Im sensing an ipad in the near future.

image copy

Cool kid


Happy Boy!!!

Looking forward to crawling (kind of!) and seeing more of his funny personality!

xoxo, richelle

6 Months

6 Months!


Happy Boy!

Half way through the year (mav’s first year) already!!! 12 more Fridays until Christmas! Our cutie pie is eating lots, laughing more, and I’m pretty sure he says, “ma-ma,” but dada is jealous in denial.

Maverik has his 6 month check up next Monday, 10/7. I believe he is about 24 inches tall and 20 pounds. He isn’t super heavy, very proportionate actually. He will also be getting some shots… not looking forward to that!

extra happy one early morning 🙂

Teething is BACK… we had a little break there. Drooling is in full force along with some whining here and there. Mav mostly puts his little fingers where his molars will go and likes to chomp on them. Speaking of the mouth, Maverik realized he has a tongue and LOVES to stick it out!!

Day in the life of Maverik – spying on his cousin Jonah!

Another new thing is remembering faces!! If Maverik doesn’t know you and you talk to him, he will either cry and get upset or he will ignore you. He will also get very mad if you hold him and he doesn’t/remember you— I had a friend babysit and he had seen her 2 weeks prior and you would have thought he was being tortured with the way he was screaming when she held him. I think I will have to show him pictures of everyone so he recognizes faces. He’s also starting to get upset when I leave him- so I have to go back and give him a hug and then he’s better. Mamas boy!

Playing peacefully

Tummy time is an unpleasant activity. He does not like it one bit! After 10 seconds he will get mad and roll over or demand to be picked up/sat down. I don’t see crawling anytime soon but probably walking. He lovessss standing up!! Any place, any time!

Maverik likes to eat food! He will pretty much eat anything! Cheerios, gold fish, mum mum crackers, baby food (no carrots), loves anything with banana! He especially likes to show you he can chew with his two little teeth. The minute he sees you eating he will stare until you give him some- or he will just try to grab it from you! His hair is also growing super fast!

Loves his high-chair!

We moved bedtime to 8PM because he was getting too tired to eat his bottle at 9PM and would only drink an ounce or two and fall asleep. He is always wide awake at 5:45AM-6AM. Hoping this will change once I talk to the doctor and find out what other foods he can eat. Only 6 more months of formula!! 🙂 🙂

Tongue times!

Maverik’s social calender is very busy for October. He has quite a bit of parties to attend (mostly girls birthday parties) and of course Halloween! He is very excited to dress up and plans on being something traditional and then something Maverik style. Yes, two costumes for this guy.


Staring contest!! I dont remember who won..

So excited for the holidays and I can’t wait to plan his first birthday party!



5 Months


5 Months

No, the chair didn’t shrink. This boy is growing by the minute it seems! This is my third attempt to write this months blog. The first time Maverik was sitting with me and somehow deleted what I typed!! He grabs everything! The second time was my fault.

Moving on, we didn’t have any doctors appointments but I think he was about 17 pounds and 27 inches- however with his constant “kicking,” I could be way off.  He is very long and already has problems with his pants being “high waters.” A problem I wish I had 🙂 With that being said he is in 6 month shirts/onesie’s and 9 month size pants. His basketball shorts are his favorite.

Our little traveler went on his first airplane ride to MINNESOTA! He was the perfect passenger on both planes; slept half way and then woke up and wanted to play. He was obsessed with the air vents!

Laughing mid-air wearing da-da’s hat!

Maverik loved being in Minnesota and meeting all of his family! The weather was a little cold for us him but I think he liked the change… and his first bite of ice cream! Oops!


It was mine until someone grabbed it…

Walking with Auntie Da!

FIRST KISS!! He loves Lauren 😉


Finally got to meet Grandpa Hedlund!

Maverik was baptized while in Minnesota.  More photos to come later, it was a nice service and there was a great turnout of guests. Thank you to all who attended!


Mav is still sleeping through the nights, yessss!! Usually from 9:15PM to 6:30AM. He gets tired around 8PM and know’s it’s almost bedtime. Sometimes we have to wake him up so he will finish his night bottle! He takes 3  naps a day, usually for 30 minutes each. On a good day he will nap for an hour.

FOOD is a favorite! Mav loves his sweet potato cheerio bites, baby food- except carrots, and still loves pickles! His first tooth arrived on 8.18.13 and is so cute! We’re expecting………..tooth number two any day now! He still drinks 6 bottles a day, 7-8 ounces each time.


Maverik doesn’t love tummy time and gets easily frustrated like his father with it after 5 minutes. Maybe he will just be a walker! He loves to yell and talk loud every day and is still very ticklish! He gets cuter every day!! We are working on clapping, and saying mama and dada. No luck yet.

We are not looking forward to his 6 month shots…….

xo, richelle

4 Months

Our little nugget is 4 months old!!

4 Months

4 Months

Maverik spent his 4 month birthday sick with cold, itchy gums, and a fever! It took a few days for him to feel better… the cough and congestion is finally gone.

Not feeling so good 😦

Dr. Hodapp estimated Mav will have two bottom teeth any day now! He also had his 4 month shots… only screamed once and then just fell asleep in the car. Mav is a very tough boy… he ripped off two of his band aids and didn’t even cry.

Little man is currently 14 pounds and is 26 inches long. He is still in the 90th percentile for his height! Yay! His legs are getting longer and longer, a little chubby but not very much! I’m guessing he will be my height at the age of 6! (5’1″)

See his extra long legs!

Sleepy Baby

Hobbies include: STANDING as much as he can, laughing lots, smiling, and wanting to touch faces–> this is very new to him. He’s now learned that he can put things in his mouth and take them out. He can never make up his mind about his binky! Mav has also discovered the dogs and likes to stare at them and squeeze them any chance he  gets! Sometimes he will be their best friend 🙂

Watching bubble guppies with Percy

We celebrated 4th of July at our house with some friends and family. Mav was a trooper and met new friends!

Happy 4th!!

Maverik also likes to smile at people or bury his face to hide from you! Flirting already??

Nap time is usually one big nap for an hour, and two, thirty to forty-five minute naps. He always wakes up very happy and refreshed!! Bedtime is around 9:30PM and he will get up once or twice just to be held and falls back asleep after 5 minutes. He has outgrown his bassinet! Crib time!!

Mavy got to watch his da-da play softball! He wanted to play too 😉

Team Daddy!

In a couple of days will be visiting Minnesota to Baptise Mavy and to visit Family! He is very excited! Can’t wait for you all to see his little tuxedo from Grandma Kristi!

Sleep twins!

Tummy time champ!

Just being a cute baby!

We’ve started feeding him food… but I’ll save that for the next post. Thanks for reading!

xo, Richelle

3 Months

Happy 3 Month Birthday Mav!!!


3 Months

Mavy is turning into a little boy now! [ok not really but he is so big] He is VERY strong and has changed and grown so much!!


Just prepping for Football season

Maverik is just about 25 inches long, and  12 pounds. He is a great eater and gets one night bottle with brown rice cereal.

Mav’s newest discoveries are hair pulling, shirt grabbing, hand biting (his and yours), sleeping less during the day and more at night [yes!!] but…he thinks it’s time to wake up, talk loud, and play once the sun is up. Time for blackout curtains! Mav is still sleeping in his bassinet next to our bed. Were not ready He’s just not ready for his crib! He does nap in his room though. 


Playing peacefully after a mini nap


Fathers Day in his big man outfit!

Bath time is great! He likes to kick splash! He doesn’t laugh or smile yet but we have zero tears… he will fake cry when we take him out, so dramatic!


Get me dressed!

We took some super cute family photos a few weeks ago, they turned out great! Mav mainly slept the whole time.





Mav likes to stand up and wobble dance with Nathaniel and really laugh when you tickle him! It’s the best!! He also likes to stare at his studly self if you reverse the camera on your phone.

Maverik likes to skype and hangout with his new cousin, Jonah!




Probably reminiscing about being in the womb haha

Basketball is Mav’s favorite thing to watch, he is definitely a man’s man! He also likes to smile 854 times a day and it never gets old!



Happy as can be!

Maverik is just the cutest happiest baby! Even when he cries it’s cute. Being a parent has taught me SO much, I can’t imagine doing anything without him. He is very loved by everyone and wants to be an only child forever! 😉

Maverik Talking—–>  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=weXkKoYvJ3g&feature=youtu.be

XOXO, richelle